Central air conditioning .

Our staff meets the needs of our clients, starting from designing the appropriate air conditioning and ventilation systems for their project, until they are implemented and tested according to the highest mechanical standards. We receive the building’s architectural plans, study the building’s special conditions and the client’s special needs, and submit financial and technical proposals based on that.

Fire fighting networks.

We design, implement and test fire fighting networks based on the building drawings, local civil defense requirements, and the specifications of the approved project consultant. We also build this network and choose the appropriate products for implementation until the system is operated and tested properly, starting with the pumps and ending with the sprinklers.

Chilled water piping network

We design, implement and test chilled water piping networks for central cooling devices and air handling devices in terms of choosing pipe diameters, paths, types of valves, and network-specific products such as pumps, expansion tanks, and others.

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